Allergy Shots

If you have received a positive allergy test, you are probably wondering what the next step is. Your doctor may recommend getting allergy shots. However, are allergy shots necessary for everyone with allergies? How can you expect your life to change if you do get allergy shots? Is there any reason not to receive the shots? This guide will address all these questions and more.

Are Allergy Shots Necessary?

The simple answer to this question is that allergy shots are far from necessary. Essentially, you can decide for yourself if you want the shots. In fact, there is no situation where an allergy shot is necessary, although your doctor may heavily recommend it. Allergy shots can greatly reduce your sensitivity to your allergen, or in some cases, make you immune to it. This can improve your life by allowing you to not worry about your allergy. You need to decide for yourself if you want to live without the burden of your allergies.

You may be thinking that if your allergy is severe enough, that you would be required to get the allergy shot to prevent future risk. This may actually be the opposite of reality. If your allergy is severe enough, it may be dangerous for you to receive the allergy shot. Your doctor will be able to make this judgment and recommend whether a shot is a good idea or not.

Situations When You Should Not Receive the Shots

It is true that there are some situations where receiving allergy shots may not be safe. This is very rare, however. For the vast majority of people, allergy shots will have no effect other than to reduce the allergy. This does not mean the risks are non-existent, and you should be aware of the risks. If any of these conditions apply to you, make sure your doctor knows:

  • Pregnancy
  • Severe asthma
  • Heart problems
  • Taking beta-blockers

In these situations, it is possible that allergy shots can create a serious health risk. Remember, after taking an allergy shot, you must stay in the doctor’s office for at least half an hour. This is just in case you do have a severe allergic reaction. In the rare event that there is a serious complication, you will be in the perfect location to receive the care you need immediately.No matter what, the best thing to do is speak with your doctor, like an allergist in Centreville, VA from Black & Kletz Allergy. Your physician will know what the best course of action is for you.