Signs That It’s Time To Attend Marriage Counseling

Every relationship entails both high and lows. There may be periods of time where the marriage is thriving, and others when things aren’t going so great. However, this doesn’t mean that the marriage should end once the couple encounters a rough patch. When you are in a relationship that is as close as a marriage, it is normal to have both good and bad times. It is important for couples to know that if there’s something they are struggling to get through themselves, that a marriage counselor can be helpful in them overcoming a rut or specific problem. 

Realizing that you and your spouse may need therapy is not something to be ashamed of. Many couples go through dark periods and can become even closer afterwards, if they have the support they need. If you aren’t sure whether you should pursue marriage counseling or not, here are some signs that may mean the time is right to schedule your first therapy session:

You Have Gone Through a Big Life Change

The dynamic between spouses within a marriage can change as time goes on, particularly when there is a big life transition. Examples of big life changes may include one spouse going back to school, expecting your very first child, or enduring the loss of a cherished family member. A marriage counselor can support you both as you go through these changes, and that you grow together from it, not apart.

You Feel Like You Are The Only One Trying

When rough patches hit a relationship, it can bring out certain sides of people. One spouse may recluse themselves and put up a wall between them and their spouse, while the other wants to try and talk things through. How we cope with challenges is ingrained into us at a young age depending on our life experiences.

If you feel like you are up against a wall in your relationship and cannot get through to your spouse, then you may want to bring up marriage counseling. Hopefully, this will read as a big sign to your spouse that it’s time for them to become more involved in resolving the issue. 

Infidelity Has Become an Issue

Emotional and/or physical infidelity can be a very sensitive and emotional topic. When one spouse breaks their marriage vows and has an affair, it can cause immense pain and damage to the relationship. A marriage counselor can be useful in helping you both decide whether the relationship is strong enough to move forward, or whether it’s best for you to part ways. 

A marriage counselor, like a therapist in Palatine, IL from Lotus Wellness Center, knows how complex a conversation about infidelity can be. During a therapy session, the spouse who cheated must be open to talking about the affair with their spouse, along with showing empathy and remorse. Each spouse will have to be aware that emotions could run high during this time, and that a marriage therapist can provide a safe and comfortable space for working through infidelity.